The Illusion of Time is a Riddle to Master


The illusion of time is in fact an illusion; this doesn't mean however that it is unnecessary to work with . . . it means it is an illusion, a puzzle, a riddle to master, to work through and to not be ruled by. Remember: when you are unable to make a commitment, the illusion of time is ruling you. 

Your position or location on the sliding scale of resolving and mastering this puzzle is known as your karmic account. It will determine the nature of the lessons you must pass through, the experiences you will have, and the obstacles you must overcome to move forward with your life. This shapes the events that happen, the people you meet, the friends and relations you have and the circumstances that prevail and repeat. By this mean, it is easy to see the reality in the saying: "If it happens to you, it happen through you." 

From lifetime to lifetime this karmic account goes with you. When it's transferring from one lifetime to another it's called the samskaras or sanskaras . . . your personal scorecard arrives in this world with its accompanying consciousness. This account actually determines your level of conscious advancement through evolution. One could say that your consciousness is an indicator of your karmas. This is why you should refuse to judge a person because they make decisions you do not agree with . . . judge the message, not the messenger. They have a completely different set of karmas which has led them to a completely different perspective. Their view is right for their karmic position . . . based in their sense of time. 

If you were to do nothing about your karmic scorecard, it represents your fate . . . sticking with and stuck in, what you were born with. When you commit to taking on this fate — doing something about it — this fate transforms into destiny. Here, you influence what is given to you as fate, converting and shaping it toward a destination of your choice. This is destiny. 

Time and space are the same event. Time is simply the perception of space moving through a single location or point. Time is the movement of space within this limited single perspective and therefore time is mutable . . . change the point — change the perspective — change the time. How you shape this, determines how life unfolds for you. Whether or not you have enough time, a good time, too much time, a bad time, a meaningless time, a valuable time, a meaningful time . . . all is a choice.

Everything that produces your experience surrounds this movement of space through your point of perception. The perspective of your senses is determined by your choices. This is what you control with your outlook and attitude. This is what you control with your decisions to be who you are. This is what you control — your response to the illusion of time through the scorecard of your karma — defines you. 

Make a choice — a decision — this very day . . . a decision that makes your every day. This is your right and this is your freedom, and the path toward your eventual liberation. This is your choice, and no matter how vague or distant the outcome (the result) may seem; the choice is worth choosing. 

Every choice takes place through the illusion of time, if you initiate the attitude and KEEP-UP with your actions, the desired outcome must eventually come out. This is a cosmic law of nature; it has no exceptions. Banking on this is the 'New Economy' — it will be funding the 'Next Evolution'. This is a (non-secret) path to prosperity, the greatest possibility of your life.