The Illusion of Time


Let's pay attention to the living process . . . those things that are involved in the living moment. The living moment is such an immeasurable small space . . . but within it, all the power of the universe is found. Time displaces us from the living moment and time is an illusion. When we fixate on time, we give it power over us that takes us away from the living moment and extracts us from our power of life. One way to bring ourselves back to the present moment is to meditate on the tip of the nose and focus on breathing. It's a reunion that requires a great deal of compassion to meet and greet your deepest Self within the sensation of an immeasurably small space.If you don't deeply value that which has brought you to that infinitesimally small space, you will quickly be displaced. When we don't deeply honor and we don't deeply value that which has brought us to the living moment, we cannot linger there. We will be quickly disassociated from reality and delivered back to our destined fantasy, which is the equation that we were here to solve.