The Illusion Of The Other


Stories have been shared for generations. It is our way of sharing ourselves the the world -- the one “out there”. We see this as our experiences and our relationships and we all agree that it is there -- this world “out there.” We will refer to this world as the “grand-other” -- that which appears to be other than self. We have  done a great deal to try to differentiate this world from ours, all under the assumption that it exists separately from the self.

But what if we were to discover that this “grand-other” isn’t really out there? It is not actually separate from you and we seem to have simply lost our ability to see our unity, the absolute connection.

Maybe a greater part of life’s purpose is to break this illusion.

Would this empower you? Being able to see beyond this illusion, would it answer your questions?

A truly conscious person doesn’t try to change the “grand-other”, but rather understands the illusion -- that every one and every thing is a reflection. A conscious person doesn’t have the prejudice to see the other as other.

Create a meditative and contemplative routine on a daily, weekly, monthly basis -- one that establishes consistently, emotionally and psychologically -- a view of the “grand-other” as being you. This is the true relationship, this is a human being, being humane, and it honors your highest self.