The Human Being is a Social Animal


The human being is a social animal. When you befriend those in your life; you must accept them with all their quirks and all their qualities. Any relationship must be viewed through the eyes of gravity, the eyes of levity, and the eyes of neutrality combined. These are the three aspects of the collective human consciousness and each is required for a relationship to have any chance in this material world. Without the discipline and the support of levity to guide you through this maze, entropy will bring in gravity and any relationship will fall down. It is the law . . . things fall apart . . . gravity wins when left as the sole ruler through its fear. Gravity pulls everything down; do not take this personally, just take it to heart — it is a law that cannot be avoided. Respond to gravity with levity rather than with unrestrained emotions.

This emotional body is set up and managed by the glands and organs of your physical body. This emotional body is the key to levity. The glands and organs are affected by the food we eat, the postures we stand and sit with, our physical activities, our prior habits and to a great part — our DNA. In order to alter your emotions you must address each of these elements, from your diet to your emotional DNA.

All emotional DNA has every aspect; their influence on our attitudes is caused by whatever parts of this DNA that are activated. With deep meditative work, this formula can be changed. Activate the appropriate pieces and the genetic patterns are shaped and sculpted accordingly.

Remember: relationships are just that — boats co-occupied in which you cooperate and collaborate to coexist as sailors through the winds of timespace. Working on any relationship begins with accessing your personal participation and leveraging the most out of all your greatest qualities.

Prepare your contribution to the relation with each breath . . . deliver this sensation of truly living . . . foster the sensation that you were sent to Earth to experience and build upon the connections in life. This will cause you to experience your life as it is and as it can be.