The Historical Significance of the Time


As science looked through time -- geology took the story of this Earth, back beyond where archaeology and anthropology began . . . tracking the clues into remote corners of antiquity. But even then, the story of life -- and of human life -- is just an estimate from the logic in these clues. Three distinct journeys -- geology looks at Earth's patterns; archeology and anthropology look at life patterns . . . we've learned lessons from each, but they lack the subtle associations and magical connections . . . essentials that transform the clues into a photograph of time. These subtler components are found in the existential studies . . . the ones that approach antiquity from angles, nuances and inclinations. Philology, etymology and linguistics -- particularly with the languages of sacred mantra, prayer and humanology . . . these track the weave of language associations into the earliest moments of advancing life. They study life as it's becoming human -- becoming sacred -- and the complex journey it took . . . a journey of mystical texts and mantric languages. The word language means to 'gauge the 'lang' . . . the 'depth'. There are many vital explanations and crisscrossed associations found in sacred scriptures and mantras . . . subtle clues to a true history . . . defining precise pathways of enlightened living. These studies have shown that times of spiritual evolution run parallel to the expansion of the arts, music, science, math and language. They describe a road to enlightenment that's self-initiated and explored with great courage . . . one that projects this self initiation from dimensions beyond hard logic. We're right in the middle of such a magical time once again; your life has every opportunity to take full advantage, of this advantage . . . to open your conscious, creative channels wide . . . without limits. Our prayer is that you do this; that you comprehend the magnitude of this moment where you live . . . the historical significance of the time. This is the 'age of enlightenment' all over again, and the language within your mind is ready to map your pathway forward . . . go ahead . . . have faith and take the steps . . . they're yours to take.