The Grass Is Greener On The Inside  

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Unconscious and semi-conscious humans believe that moving from one location to another location will change the experience. The reality, however, is -- the experience you experience travels with you . . . the location is just the “screen” upon which your experience is projected. "The observer and the observed are one . . . they are the same event." Guru Nanak - India (ad.1489). "The observer defines the observed." Albert Einstein - (ad.1909). And as the current saying expresses, “Wherever you go, there you are.”

The grass isn’t greener in the other field . . . the experience you experience is traveling with you. In metaphysics and humanology, this is known as 'Place' (capitalized for distinction). You enter a space, but 'Place' travels with you . . . it’s intrinsically you, and is defining your experiences from the inside, far more than the outside space. Simply changing the space (the persons, locations, and things) you exist with changes the screen . . . 'Place' is still the projection you experience on the screen. Space is the setting in which you experience the experience of you . . . the ‘you’ defined by this equation of ‘Place’ . . . constructed from your incarnations (cosmology); your generations (genealogy) . . . influencing your experience of time (chronology). Each one of these has been constructed interactively over lifetimes and is altered only by your greater awareness, self-realization, and concentrated efforts through practices such as meditation.

Our prayer is that you put in the time to make the changes you want to experience in this world; that you take ownership of all that you experience, and accept that it’s traveling with you. The grass is actually greener on the inside, and you can bring it outside to any side you want, with your greater awareness, self-realization, and concentrated efforts. When it’s happening to you, it’s happening through you. 

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