The Grace of Knowing


The ‘Five Treasures of the High Snow’ is the fabled name of the third highest mountain in the world . . . Kangchenjunga. Every climber that’s ever reached near its summit, has stopped just short to keep a promise to the Chogyal -- the monarchs of the former kingdom of Sikkim, from where this vast mountain rises. Kangchenjunga is actually five peaks, not just one, and the valley in the middle of these five peaks holds fantastic mythologies. Story says it’s the entrance to a world of masters who live well over a hundred and fifty years . . . then incarnate where they’re needed. According to the accounts of those who live at the base of this massive mountain, the lives of these masters are the nature of miracles. This mountain’s base is so large, it borders India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The physical powers of such enormous masses of earth rising from the Earth is in the electromagnetic and gravitational fields they hold in their presence . . . so strong it affects infrared light. This is caused by a combination of magnetite in the molten magma, and the sheer gravitational size of the mountain itself. It’s within this field of immense forces that the accounts of great mastery accompany mountains such as this. An example is the story of Rishi Dusht Daman, who incarnated three hundred years ago as Guru Gobind Singh. With the help of these massive mountain forces, these masters develop their ability to use infrared light in the superconscious mind to break up space and time into their subcomponent parts . . . revealing the three and four dimensions before their fully formed. This infrared spectrum is the silent intuition, without the slightest resistance, that also occurs in the two hours just before sunrise. This infrared intuitive superconsciousness can be accessed in the early morning on the waves of silence; on the waves of mantra; on the waves of yantra (visual mantras), and on the waves of deeply neutral contemplation. Our prayer is that you use the early morning hours as the mountain of your meditative life; that you view the future that’s forming in the shadows of other dimensions, and then live your life in the grace of this knowing.