The Game


In the process of life's progress the map shifts as time shifts -- comfort levels shift -- detours happen -- insecurities of outcomes are secured -- feelings change dramatically . . . the goals are not the feelings. The emotional body of the developing child is a shifting map . . . as the child evolves toward an advantageous life, not every moment feels advantageous. Envy and frustration shifted to jealousy and anger . . . a three year stage became a four year stage. Now there's a five year stage, from seven years old to twelve years old, filled with dramatic and uncharted feelings. The teeth are falling out of the head -- the new ones growing in appear larger than the "fit". The darling cuteness is vanishing; the face adjusts to accommodate the new teeth; for the first time the child becomes accutely aware of its appearance beyond its existence . . . the inner mirror is forming. The emotional body shifts and jealousy -- shocked by this sudden transition -- turns into observation. Anger -- which no longer works -- becomes determination. The child is forced deep inside for the first time in its life, an inner -- more profound -- landscape appears in the turmoil. This is a critical moment; not all humans make this transition; some remain emotionally attached to their old and known ways . . . this is evolution's nature. When a child resorts to their older and familiar patterns; when they retain anger, frustration, envy and jealousy as the tools of choice throughout life -- development doesn't progress; the child grows old, but it doesn't grow up. This is what's playing out in today's world . . . frustration and rampant anger with violence, both state sponsored, and individually motivated . . . it's stuck. Our prayer is that you're sensitive to children as they make this awkward transition; hold them in the light, as they experience deep darkness for the first time; build their self value with maps of their inner landscape that lead them to maturity . . . not the entertainment of ignorance and distraction that keeps them attached to familiarity. And not the stiffled emotions that refuse to feel anything. The game is changing in this moment . . . help life change with the game.