The Future of Your Deeper Awareness


You’re on this planet to invest wisdom from the future into the present moment at whatever time it is in space. This causes growth and advancement within the spacetime that’s governed by your senses. To access the future wisdom, you retrieve deep memories from incarnations that you lived in a future moment relative to what’s currently taking place on Earth. Time, you see, is relative to whatever moment evolution has produced in the space your senses are experiencing. It's difficult to understand a future within the present from the past with a perspective residing in these five senses. They only reveal a fraction of the total that exists in any moment. They have everything lined up in an orderly sequence in ‘order’ to remember the past; anticipate the future, and try to exist in the present. There are many other dimensions beyond this capacity that include much more. For example, in the fifth dimension, all time is simultaneous -- and in the sixth dimension, all space occupies a single immeasurable point.

You exist in this world, constructed by your five senses -- you have no other way of observing anything. Your five senses divide the eternity of time into measureable sequences, and view the infinity of space from a variety of angles through which it’s all considered separated, individual and unique. But from the perspective of the sixth dimension, there’s always union, and it’s always now. You've lived in these more accelerated locations, hundreds, if not thousands of times before. In order to grow life forward, advanced human beings work like bees with the “pollenic-future” clinging to their beings. You cross-pollinate one incarnation into another -- advancing those who are behind, and being advanced by those from far ahead. You’re the alien extraterrestrials visiting planets with your pure advanced consciousness that knows of civilizations, and systems, and behaviors far beyond the imagination.

Our prayer is you’ll carry this world into that future of your deeper awareness -- a future where peace, calm, sharing and compassion are the common threads of life . . . a place these five senses call Heaven on Earth . . . a present from the distant future.

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