The Frog Factor


The fraud factor, also known as the frog factor, is experienced by those who strive -- to such a magnificent degree -- that they're on the threshold of a phenomenon. You're the ones who’ve lived in the future, who have now reincarnated into this moment -- which for you -- is in the distant past. You’re here to guide this bewildered planet into a sustainable future with the fruits of your incarnate travels. As a phenomenon -- when you recognize how far you've been beyond this time and space -- then this time and space become extremely lonely and hard to accept.

This is when you feel like a fraud. It was also called the ‘Frogs’ moment, because it’s that moment when a poliwag realizes its gills no longer serve its life. It thrusts its head above the water to breathe air directly for the first time, and it questions its authority to do this. There is a sensation of deep anguish, but it’s the only way to truly live. This is why Yogi Bhajan, the great Kundalini master, stressed the importance of community. You need the strength of numbers surrounding you in order to recognize there are others as advanced, and challenged. Otherwise you feel like a freak, and a fraud . . . no matter what you do, you don't feel comfortable.

Being at this level of awareness is very risky . . . you’re set up for intense disapproval that cuts away at your confidence and disrupts the determination to actually live up to and fulfill your destiny. This is why the stories of great masters were always about how they were martyred and sacrificed. But today's world is not about martyrdom, it’s about living, not dying, for the truth. In creating community, be sure that it’s not a clique, for a clique is non-inclusive, and a level of evolution that needs familiarity before opening its heart. This is common in the world today, but does not solve what you’re experiencing. Meditate on accessing your initial breath, and including your ultimate breath simultaneously.

Our prayer is that you recognize the need for community without exclusivity; that you form these gatherings with an open heart of inclusivity, and welcome everyone into your phenomenon. This will dissolve the loneliness and fraudulence.

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