The Frequency of Life


The ionosphere surrounding the Earth has a positive electrical charge; the Earth's surface carries a negative charge . . . this presents an electrical tension inside the space between the two fields . . . the ‘Earth-Ionosphere-Cavity’ - E.I.C. Two concentric polarity-charge balls -- one inside the other -- is an active capacitor. Between the Earth and the ionosphere there's a circulation of energy, like a life-force; there's a pulse and a frequency, like the heartbeat and breath; there's massive capacity for information transfer, like a nervous system . . . the Earth is alive and breathing in every sense of the concept. Nikola Tesla was the first to discover this powerful electro-magnetic circulating tension . . . it penetrates the Earth without resistance and thereby produces a resonance frequency known as the tone of the Earth. The Earth is a living event, just like you and every other plant and animal. In 1952 the German physicist Professor, William Schumann at the University of Munich, measured this resonance -- these electromagnetic waves -- and found they have a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The Earth vibrates and makes the sound of this frequency, which happens to also be the gateway rate of the brain's dreamtime state, and of deep meditation. It’s called the ‘theta-state’, and when you train your brain to operate at this frequency, you perceive far more information in every moment; you're not bound by the three and four dimensions of spacetime; your consciousness can travel beyond these limits and visit the history of the past -- which still vibrates -- and the history of the future -- which is already "written". This is where your consciousness resides, both in dreamtime and in deep vipassana meditation . . . the nature of your natural silence, where you can absorb nearly infinite information. This is the world of the higher consciousness, and the responsibility of all people who want to make a difference on this Earth. Our prayer is that you do the work to live at this frequency of the Earth’s natural tone; that you use this level of consciousness to discover the answers and solutions for this moment in history . . . and eliminate all the troubling mysteries.