The Force of Gravity


We say, you're stressing me out, or this is too much pressure, I can't take it.We actually blame our experience of the force of gravity onto someone who has nothing to do with our experience or the force of gravity and yet, it's a concept that we've passed on from generation to generation and we all agreed that we are going to do it to each other. Then we have set up a series of rules as to how we're going to transfer those opinions onto each other. We tend to gather in tribal formations around sets of rules and low and behold, it's all absolute nonsense, it isn't real. The rules aren't even real and then we try to play by the rules or enforce the rules or be flexible with the rules and that isn't real. So now we got an opinion of an interpretation that isn't real. We got rules that are applied to the opinion and the interpretation that aren't real and then we got reactions to the rules that are applied to the opinions of the interpretation that aren't real and we base our life on that.We base our business procedures on that, we base our family procedure on that, we base our living procedures on that. First of all, it's a great deal of stress. Ignorance is bliss, this much knowledge is really stressful. But wouldn't it be a great relief if we could locate our center point within the midst of all of this mess. Everything is a relationship and every measure of relationship that is not centered is a lie.