The Flower of Life


The flower of life is a continuous intertwining of the seeds and flowers that are forever present in full presence . . . the essence and pressures that existence displays in the petals within the seeds. Like the truths in oral teachings -- the ancients used rhymes and rhythms to convey their mutable times with unmovable truths most effectively. But now in written teachings there’s constant interpretation, and where symbols and signals are interpreted, they’re always misunderstood. By default, human interpretations will rely on comfort to draw its conclusions. When symbols and signals have oral teachers they’re not interpreted, and comfort never comes into the picture . . . truth is understood as an essence of pressure. This is why it’s said, “The difference between mythology and history is that mythology is true.” Even in the myths of dark and uncomfortable times, the characters were displayed in layers of symbology, and the destiny unfolded without the interpretations of pride. The “Once upon a time,” was upon time, not within the time that was influenced by the times. Time is a layer without a reflection; the comfortable “self” is invisible in the darkness that prevails, but the castles with their solutions created angles in these layers of the land that wasn't land -- in a time that wasn't time. Directions wrap up in the depths of this perspective and the variables of what is to be . . . already are. It fits into the experience of whenever you are . . . that’s the truths in the mythology sort of thing. At the moment of now, all of this has been lost for a very long time, and as these times go ever darker, the light of understanding is replaced by the darkness of interpretation . . . truth becomes that which you convince someone of and all that is gained is lost from the mirror . . . no clear reflections are visible in the darkness of misinterpretations. Our prayer is that you move back into the moment of now -- be present in your presence; learn from great teachings without interpretations; live in such truth without an opinion so that right is known by its light . . . transactions have gain without loss, and the seeds of forever birth the flowers of life.