The Five Levels Of Human Development


There are five levels to the full development of human consciousness. It is scheduled to unfold within the following chronology: 0 to 3 years old – envy and frustration

3 to 7 years old – jealousy and anger

7 to 12 years old – observation and determination

12 to 18 years old – imagination and inner quest (self-realization)

18 and older – inspiration and commitment to a purpose.

It is obvious that few people pass through all five levels. Most people are developmentally stuck at some stage along the way – they arrive at where they are comfortable with surviving and stop growing (mostly in the first three levels.)

Beyond this is an extremely advanced and arduous course and to complete it in its entirety is the mastery modality. Achieving all stages of development is as if you have graduated from graduate school with several PhD’s.

Being in the higher stages of conscious development requires tremendous discipline, whereas lower levels only require reactions to life. You must not judge anyone from the levels below yours, any more than you would judge a first grader because you’re in high school. To judge is a reaction, not a higher observation.

As one can see, the majority of this planet is satisfied to simply be in reaction to what takes place. Because of this Earth appears like a one-room schoolhouse – all levels of development contained in a single location. This means that there are going to be many attitudes and conflicting opinions since not everyone is able to comprehend all the subjects and topics that are occurring in the vast complexities of life on Earth.

For this reason it is incumbent on all those who are of a higher consciousness and understanding to become teachers in the “One Room Schoolhouse.” The rules of the successful teacher in such a one-room affair are those of compassionate communication and patience.

This is the standard of leadership required for a planet with such diversity and levels of development. This is not the simple response, it is the successful one. This is not the easy response, it is the effective one. If you are in a higher stage of development you must become one of the effective and successful leaders, not a judge shouting from the sidelines.

Work to achieve the highest level of your personal development and do so while remaining judge-less, compassionate and effective in your leadership. Remember that being without judgment doesn’t mean being unaware. It means that you don’t condemn that which your awareness leads you to see. This is the radiance of the new evolution of human consciousness; it is the pathway to the greatest possibilities of life.