The Equation of Existence is Profoundly Graceful


All things are steps toward destiny. The last thing you should do if you’re going through the 'feeling hurt' process is feel guilty. Just go through it. Release yourself into it. Commit to it. Commit to getting your feelings hurt, and when you’re fully filled, you'redone. Don't do just a little bit each day and then when you're ninety go, “Oh, I was so good about not getting my feelings hurt.” Nonsense. You’ve still got ten years of hurt feelings left, and I hope you don't die: you don’t want to come back just for that. Can you imagine where you might get born? The place where you can get your feelings hurt the most. You come back to the place where the greatest injustice is. Experience the gratitude of being you. Praise the ancestors that brought you to you. Praise them; they're here, waiting for you to fulfill your destiny so they can be liberated too. Seven generations are liberated by your liberation. The equation of existence is profoundly graceful, exquisitely elegant. The way you experience the elegance and the grace is through your commitment. I don't know where I am going, or what I am doing. I am so confused, but I feel push back. If you're not experiencing push back, you're not moving forward. If you are experiencing push back, thank God.