The Entanglement of Your Higher Consciousness


One of the most profound 'other-dimensional' characteristics of quantum mechanics is ‘entanglement’ . . . two entangled particles will instantly affect each other across astronomical distances -- even light-years. This, faster than light-speed, violates a fundamental principle of physics known as ‘locality’. This same phenomenon is also found in the properties of human consciousness -- human consciousness is not limited by ‘locality’ . . . that is, when you truly believe you're unlimited, you are unlimited. This is the power of conscious belief . . . in this case it’s the non-local, non-limited capacities of your higher consciousness that belief gives you access to. Yogis and other spiritual masters, through the millennia, have proven that ‘locality’ does not apply to your higher consciousness -- or to the space itself around you. When you're operating in your higher consciousness, it appears that this fundamental of physics is not so fundamental. In these moments, the unbelievable and the impossible slip away, and in the presence of belief, possibility arrives; actuality reveals; the desired outcome already exists. Such is the entanglement of your higher consciousness -- it’s entangled with everything, even beyond 'locality'. Our prayer is that you get out there; be bold; know that belief bends the flow of your world, like valleys bend the flow of a river . . . you are to receive the future and reach the "ocean." Understand the simplicity of this, that all moments of life are your opportunities and advantages. Take advantage of the opportunities, and find opportunities in each advantage you take . . . every point in space is entangled. Broadcast this belief across the astronomical universe, without a doubt for the distances involved; without concern for the time you have . . . and then -- faster than light in the moment -- there's no distance too far, and you always have the time you need.