The Dance


When you have perfected the dance with your patterns and when the performance of your habits has become quite seamless, change can be difficult. Any change of your habits must enter through a crack of perceived imperfection, a seam in the pattern of your perfected dance. Herein lies the dilemma; there appears to be no seams and your perfection will defend this appearance. All the information that is required to change is always present within you; this is the nature of the Cosmos. However, this information presents itself as eccentric, chaotic, random and confused – and, when highly pressurized, it represents anxiety. None of these options are attractive to a perfected dance.

Remember that this perfected dance is marketable for your survival, but not for your happiness.

When you desire change, in order to receive the new information you must perform your old perfected dances with a flaw. Such a flaw will bring discomfort and embarrassment. Pass into the pain of this embarrassment willingly and enthusiastically as the flaws in your performance stumble forward through new patterns. These new patterns will allow the changes to emerge through their seams and cracks.

Yoga, meditation, singing, chanting, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Pran Krya and many more are all methods of defining and aligning the body with the psyche. When such information is defined and aligned, it stops producing clouds and fogginess and allows for greater clarity. This is one of the human goals of consciousness known as super-intuition.

Trusting the imperfections in these moments is a surrendering of your control to the cosmic perfection. This is extremely powerful. Every human has every right to this power, but it is surrounded by your resistance to surrendering. To give your “self” the authority to use this right is a fundamental step toward fulfillment of life’s purpose. There is never any need to know how to perform this process. Fill your attitude with a massive declaration of “why” and the “how” will appear.

In other words, “when is now a good time?”