The Current Evolution Has Been Developing the Ability of Sensory Perception For the Purpose of Protection in Order to Survive Long Enough to Grow, Develop and Prosper


There are two aspects to the unconscious: these are the subconscious and the super-conscious. The subconscious drives the emotions; and the super-conscious, drives the devotions. The subconscious tries to establish our protection and the super-conscious tries to establish our connection. Both our emotions and our devotions will require significant recalibration. We have built in protection policies in each of them. We have considered the emotions already, but what of the devotions? We have previously designed our heroic figures and religious icons based around their mightiness. Mightiness in the realms of insecurity; strength with a sword in the midst of life's battles; the entire concept of God the Father; all of this is going to require transformation.

God has been the Father figure for thousands of years because a father is the protector and provider. In the new phase of evolution, God is cannot have a single gender . . . definitely not a father figure because in reality there is no reproduction if God is father - no father gives birth. The next evolution is about being real and connected and aware.

This is a major shift — cultures are going to be redesigned and redefined by the very nature of the times. People are going to rebel from this and we can see it in the fanatic nature of religions today. Our philosophies, all of our civilities, everything down to the core will be changing. How does that make you feel? Those who want preservation of how is has always been are going to become frantic with this. Feeling very unsafe will become the common experience as we move forward and it will depend on our compassion as to how we treat each other in the process. Because unconsciously the collective human mind is deeply attached to the ways that been . . . invested thought processes for hundreds of thousands of years will all be shifting.

Become a leader in the procession. Become a pioneer in your area. But do not push it; just let the wave of compassionate timespace carry us all forward. When we push, there will be push back. Become the new evolution with grace and the possibilities of life beyond war, beyond violence and beyond protection . . . . . . . . . .