The Current Evolution Has Been Developing the Ability of Sensory Perception For the Purpose of Protection in Order to Survive Long Enough to Grow, Develop and Prosper


The current evolution — the one that has been going on for billions of years — has been developing the ability of sensory perception for the purpose of protection in order to survive long enough to grow, develop and prosper. All of the senses are keyed to protecting and advancing the individual physically, but this has had very little to do with developing the capacity for emotional fulfillment. Protection requires the ability to perceive with distinction, to create clear observation to comprehend the separations . . . we are very accurate at this. Now this is all changing; separation no longer provides protection, separation in a crowded world is creating dissociation and has become dangerous by creating mistrust. Our philosophies around the world are dynamically separated; our religions are producing fanatic positioning where we do not consider ourselves to be friends with all these observed differences. Then, when our languages are separated, we are unable to understand the subtleties of each other's attitudes and the meaning of each other's lives.

To not see each other as a friend when our population grows from 6.5 to 7 to 8 to 10 billion people will not be workable . . . a trigger point of stress will snap the system. Perception for protection had been a focal point for evolution thus far — it is the nature of nature — but this is now to shift. The frequency of the Cosmos in the new evolution is shifting and driving life in an entirely new direction. The new evolution's reason for perception will be connection. It has to be and will fail in any other way. This is extremely uncomfortable to the non-suspecting; for millions of years protection has made us safe. Now this is no longer the case and cannot be the case; from today onward if we are not connected — heart to heart — no one is going to be safe.

The next evolution can be boiled down to a very simple statement: it is the shifting of perception from safety to connectivity. What is the old saying? Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Connection is the new protection. Mutual well-being is the new survival. If you keep your enemies close for a long enough period of time, they cease being your enemy. When we become mutually familiar, we become mutually understanding — and mutual understanding is a lasting relationship.

We have to recalibrate our senses — our sensory system — in order to achieve this. We have to recalibrate that which controls our consciousness unconsciously . . .

Because, even though we have an intellectual understanding . . . to a degree we have an emotional sense of connection . . . we are slightly associated with strangers around us . . . we are still instinctively driven by millions of years of protection programming running in the background of our brains. We choose to feel unsafe as a means of safety . . . it is programmed into the collective unconscious.