The Creation Of Concept


Seventy-five thousand years ago, the stage of concept began and with it, we had communication that could travel outside of time. Now not only did we disconnect from space but we disconnected from time and intelligence continued to increase to the extent that there became a new religion. A religion that wasn't about fire, it was about someone. Someone who nobody knew that was perfect. It's called bhakti yoga. To worship perfection embodied. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism are very powerful yet still disconnected. Disconnected to the degree that they don't see the oneness between all humanity, between all things. Anytime there is a comparative conversation, it creates a disconnect. Anytime there is a competitive conversation, there is disconnect. Seventyfive thousand years ago we began this conversation and it's been going on until this day. Now the theme is shifting again and the new theme is the divine presence within. We are God. It isn't to discount the fire keeper. It isn't to discount the fire maker. It isn't to discount the divine conceived, the divine conception, the divinely conceived. It is not to discount those because those led to this. This does not replace them just like your blood from today doesn't replace your blood from yesterday. It adds to it. It is a smooth transition. But the new religion moving forward when there are so many humans on this earth is the religion of oneness in which all religions are equally welcomed. There will be no war, there will be no unresolvable disputes. This is not idealism speaking, this is evolution speaking. You can't imagine how utterly insane that first person who reached into the burning forest and pulled out a stick had to be. You can't imagine how absolutely insane and focused that first person that chipped away at two pieces of flint with little pieces of grass had to be. You can't imagine how many generations died off in the attempt and never saw it happen but knew that it could. That is how evolution works. Evolution attempts fifty thousand efforts to get one that works.