The Core-source of Logic


‘Cosmic-cause’ is at the core of all time contained within the source of all space. It’s from this cause that all moments are born out of the movement of space. Your destiny is a line drawn from this core-source to the unmeasurable nature of infinity. When you operate from your inherent intuitive talents, you have a sense of this line, you experience each moment exactly as it takes place without the slightest bit of emotional distortion. At this level of living, the perspectives, solutions, and answers that accompany your problems and questions become your accuracy. This accuracy guides your voyage of spirit; this accuracy lives in spacetime that’s parallel to the emotional present; this accuracy is your destiny. Science refers to this phenomenon as other dimensions, and parallel universes . . . there’s a particle-smashing search underway at the high energy collider in Cern, Switzerland . . . searching for the tiny black holes that are gateways into these parallels. Masters throughout the ages have accessed these parallels with meditation and lived in them for long periods of time. The moments and spaces that they contain are found all along everyone’s wandering line of destiny . . . they’re usually accessed unconsciously, day in and day out. They're used to shift perspectives; to answer the big questions; to solve challenging problems, and to restore vitality. But when accessed unconsciously, you pass through them so rapidly, that you’re unaware of their existence. Faith is the mechanism in the human toolbox that can access these gateways . . . emotions hide them. It’s with faith that you’re able to release the emotions -- then these ever present gateways -- that always gather around your needs -- appear like miracles. Our prayer is that you relate to your faith -- not as some concept without measure -- but as a reality to be accessed willingly. Work around your emotional body -- access the undistorted spacetime -- walk through these gateways into the parallels; gather new perspectives; collect new answers with solutions and vital energy . . . follow the line of your destiny . . . help others to follow their's. This is the magic at the core-source of logic.