The Concept Of Life That Keeps Us From Living


The fear of pain of experience has led us to develop this conceptual life that isn’t life in an evolutionary search for pleasure. The numbness ironically turns into a very painful cul-de-sac (a dead-end of sorts). Food that is not food, medicine that is not medicine, beliefs that aren’t believable, controlled by feelings that are not our feelings and thoughts that aren’t ours. The media has been driving out anticipations by comparing someone else’s memories to all our present day fantasies -- this isn’t even close to the experience of living life. We are instead being walked through a showroom of a life that we’re told we should be experiencing.

Discontent sells product. The world of marketing sells us ways we could be "better", telling us we are wrong as we are. We hate being wrong, so we avoid 'being’ altogether. We are externalized, disconnected from our life. So far from the starting line, we cannot even begin.

You, as the present entity that has arrived here with a collected and nourished consciousness, through thousands of progressive incarnations, are in the midst of a journey. The journey of where you are (fate) to who you are (destiny). "Rasayana"- the Sanskrit word the ancients used for the path of pure essence.

Using innocence to locate your inner-sense and arrive at some common sense while experiencing life.

There are only two promises you must bring to this journey:

1) I accept the starting point where I am.

2) I believe I am authorized to reach my destiny.

Practice yoga regularly, conscious breathing while walking and meditation. Every day move one step forward and measure your progress. Celebrate experience, for even when you fail, you’re edging closer to your destiny. This is the lifestyle of our new evolution.