The Chakras


The first chakra is all about survival. The element is earth, the color is red and the note on the scale is C sharp. It's about your groundedness. You can't have extreme anything, you can't have extreme intelligence, you can't have extreme spirituality, you can't have extreme anything without groundedness but in that groundedness because it is fixated, it is also connected to survival. The elements of the first chakra are what motivate you to stay alive. Are you motivated to stay alive because you fear death or are you motivated to stay alive because you just love life? You know that is a real question. Most of you probably love life but you're also afraid of death. You probably have a 60/40 or 70/30 relationship between the two. Anytime that you are afraid something won't work out, you're afraid of death. That is what that thing is representing to you. That you are actually afraid that something within you is going to die. If you don't think what you desire is going to work out, you can fool yourself but you are deathly afraid of death. You just mask it in all these sophisticated concerns and then you play with that in order to keep yourself busy because as long as you are busy, something is going on but this first chakra is very essential because in order for you to stay alive, you have to stay in the physical body and the physical body is made up of earth at its base.

Have you ever thought about it, that your hair and your skin and the cells in your eyes and your blood and the cells in your brain were once dirt? Have you ever actually thought about the chain of events that took that dirt to become that eyeball? I bet you haven't much. If you would do that occasionally, you would be grateful more occasionally rather then, oh my God, I forgot. You're late, seven minutes. They didn't have minutes two thousand years ago. You say: I'll meet you. When? Tomorrow. Good. Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, tomorrow didn't exist, tomorrow is a concept . . . Tomorrow is a concept . . . you actually think that tomorrow is going to happen. There is no guarantee.

The second chakra is water. The color is orange. The note is an elevated D. The tones are very important, the color is very important, the frequencies are very important but most important is the balance. Governed by water, it's about solution, it's about answers but it is also about approval, which is the answer to your desire. You desire to be approved of. When your approval is not balanced, you're very weird to be around because you're always in need. Because it is connected to sexuality, sexual need is deeply expressed and sexual need being deeply expressed is obsessive. You need to balance these things. If I am not approved of, I won't survive.

The third chakra is ruled by fire, the magic element. Here we are again with the fire keeper, the fire maker. It's about dominion, it's about your physical home. It's the nourishment that you give yourself. Dominion also has an imbalance, which is dominance—the tendency to secure your home by dominating someone else's home. Fire, dominating someone else's home, fire, war. I fear for my survival, therefore, I will dominate your home and I'll use the element of fire. It's called fire power.

The color is yellow, the note is E and if you note the kinds of songs that are played in the key of E, they are blues songs. When my baby left me. Sung from the fire in the belly, pain—pain of someone dominating my home then leaving me. All of this is connected. It's in your life too but oh, you are so sophisticated in your spirit life. Yes, I understand, it is what it is but liberation isn't that kind of foolery. Liberation is going down into the core of the beast and riding that dragon until it is tamed. Not avoiding that dragon and making a superlative claim. “Oh, it just wasn't meant to be”. Like there is a book some place that has two columns, the meant to be's and the not meant to be's. “Oh it wasn't right, he wasn't right. She wasn't right”. You are the ones screaming to master existence. Liberate yourselves.