The Center


The Buddha was exact in his praise of the path of moderation. He stressed this because, as he said, we are standing at the absolute middle of creation. Our consciousness resides halfway between the micro-world within us and the macro-world outside. Everyone sits at this exact center of the self, and it takes daily practice (sadhana) to become consciously aware of it. Guru Nanak spoke about the same thing when he said: “There are worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes, existences upon existences.”

The universe is only a slice of the far larger multiverse, which in turn is only a section of the infinite Cosmos, including the zero-mass of infinity’s void. This infinite zero-mass is the Gu from which the Ru of light/matter is born. Hence the origins of the Sanskrit word Guru – bringing light from the infinite darkness.

By becoming more conscientious of your place at this center point, your true identity begins to intrigue you. A phenomenon occurs during this sensation – it delivers an absolute sense of being one with nature. Balancing this true identity, establishing a clear self-image in the world’s challenging environment of stress, friction, pressure and tension is the key to health, prosperity and the success of all relationships.

Every human being in this multiverse wants to climb their “Mountain” – to achieve a dream that matches the character and caliber of their self-image. One of the best exercises for such a task is the effortless, silent contemplation on the sensation of breathing – to experience the sensation of being the breath, rather than being the breather of the breath.

Remember that from a great distance, you can always see the Mountain – but when you get close to the base, ready to do the work and fulfill the dream, all you can see in front of you are foothills (problems). You must climb over these foothills with great trust that the mountain is there. This is the essence of the story of Mohamed and the mountain.

Use a conscious breathing exercise (pranayam) to tune into and experience the essence of each step – this is the middle path; the way of ultimately being at ease with your Mountain and with the greatest possibilities of your life.