The Capacity To Expand Your Belief System


On the tree of life we are all leaves and this tree is not an evergreen, it is an exiguous so the leaves drop from season to season. You are born and you die. But the life doesn't die, the leaf expels it's life force and consequently turns yellow, red, brown, whatever color its particular variety of tree allows it to do. The reason that at a particular time of year the leaves start to turn is because the life force is actually drawing out of the leaf and back into the branch and the tree. That's where the life force sits when the leaf falls. We run and gather up the leaf. We say blessings over the leaf and either bury or burn it but the life that was in that leaf is still there, it is still alive . . . it's in the tree. As a leaf we have the system of a leaf and the system of a leaf can only see a leaf unless you expand your system. You have the capacity to expand your system but when . . . for thousands of years, for hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years . . . when it has all been about the survival of the leaf we have not ventured into those extra perceptions in order to see life in the tree. To us life it is a leaf and we call it a belief system. Obviously we have to have a be-tree system in order to move beyond that limited awareness that believes when the leave looses the life force and drops, that life force is somehow dropped with the leaf. Even if that leaf were to be cut from the tree while still green that life force is going into the soil being reabsorbed by the root and it comes back through. There are all kinds of spiritual speculation about what that means . . . What remains with you when the leaf falls? As you move back into the tree is the equation of your consciousness. How have you developed your consciousness in the life that you have just experienced? Did a lot of things occur that caused you to be limited or did a lot of things occur to caused you to become expanded? And how was that inner drive? Was that inner drive looking to blame, claim, or was that inner drive looking to merge and purge? That inner drive is going to be dictated by your genetic component and your cosmic component, the component of the soul force, the component of the physical body force and it's going to be contributed by the experiential and the existential conditioning. Are you hanging on the hook of death your entire life? Some people hang on for dear life and because of that their life is not very dear.