The Caliber of Your Curiosity


As a human being of caliber, you're connected to a wise curiosity . . . a curiosity that reaches beyond this physical world of action and reaction and into the realms of assembling wisdom . . . information that can teach as well as learn. This is the world of a great teacher. And as a great teacher, you’re not only responsible for a student in the moments on Earth, you’re responsible for what's here even as it moves into the hereafter. A true teacher, with real curiosity, is responsible for every dimension of spacetime . . . not just the perceivable ones. You're a ship in the spiritual relationship that ferries souls across the Universe. These are the moments where many traditions encouraged being "GOD fearing" . . . fearful of making an error in the light of such incredible responsibility. Yet this is only half of the emotional construct that will serve you in the momentous nature of such a moment. Learning to use the emotional tools -- not be used by them -- this is key. When the power of fear emerges -- combine it with an absolute commitment. Connect the core of commitment to any fear and suddenly the commitment has a powerful and relentless engine. The fear transforms when added to commitment . . . it creates an entirely new instrument. The fear attaches to the negative mind which keeps you in line; the commitment attaches to the positive mind which keeps up your projection . . . the result is a neutral sense of knowing . . . a knowing that's unflappable and accomplishes miracles. In this atmosphere of commitment and fear, your knowing engages the intuition, and then the intuition engages right action. This is wisdom using the power of your emotional body. There's always a combination that works whenever you're engaged by emotions that don't serve the moment. Don't fight the emotion . . . look for its partner . . . its counterpart. With this connection you're able to master the physical Universe and reach into the hereafter. Our prayer is that you make this simple connection; that you live in the caliber of your curiosity, and that you rise to the calling of your life . . . you are a teacher and many souls are gathering around you to learn.