The Breath We Are Currently Breathing (Part II)


Einstein once said: “Observation establishes the observed.” The Buddha, on the other hand, said: “All positions and opinions are controlled by our observation.” Because your observation is asking for this world to change and become your preference, you don’t longer perceive what is, but rather the tension created by the absence of your preferences. You’ve broken the thread of higher consciousness and disconnected from the continuum of your experience. This firmly establishes your identity as a marker; your preferences define your place in the world.

This is all very painful, but will ultimately become a gauge, a measuring device demonstrating precisely how far you have progressed and how far you have yet to go in the evolution of your consciousness.

This illusion must be unraveled and re-woven by the progression of your consciousness. It’s not separate, but rather one thread. When your perception becomes without preference, you will begin to resolve the observation of separation.

This is the purpose of life, with all its illusionary displays and all its circumstances and dilemmas. The goal is to reweave this single threat back into the full fabric of life, to regain the innocence seen in the newborn baby’s eyes. The innocence that is saying: “we are one.” That causes you to care unconditionally for the newborn, the greatest power of all.

Innocence means “in the sense of zero.” Zero – the unbroken thread of time-space. Without beginning, without end, woven through the cosmic cloth. Our purpose is this innocence, reconnecting with it all.

Such is the awareness of perception without preference. The goal of our highest consciousness. It might seem beyond or comprehension from a preferential perspective, but nevertheless it is a perfect goal.