The Breath We Are Currently Breathing (Part I)


Living in “normal” worldly consciousness, one perceives and then prefers the perceived to be a particular way – either somewhat different or a great deal different. This produces the tension of preference, and time arises from this tension and agitation. The past is created from a memory of preference in the breath we’re currently breathing. Hope arises to create a preference of change, and this defines a time called the future. The thread of time is actually a single thread. It weaves as a single moment through the fabric of all space. All time is of this same moment, and all the imaginable space is of this single thread. But, because it is never more than one, it has no ability to be perceived as perception requires separation. This thread of time is never broken, but perception requires it to break. Consciousness knows where every point is on the thread, but identity requires a mystery to measure against.

From the perspective of our physical life, the five senses separate the past from the present, and the present from the future. This same illusion separates you from me and both of us from everything else.

We are not living the fantasy of Maya; it happens to all of us around the age of 18 months. With the task of breaking this pattern and reconnecting with the cosmos, we set about living our lives to the end. This fantasy has no fulfillment so we seek it through objects. It has no access to happiness, so we seek it through pleasure. It has no access to contentment, so we consume. Life is then measured by the caliber of our consumption and success by the “power quality” of our “accumulations.”