The Body and You


The body is an extremely sacred vessel – but it is not you. It is a living gift, a complex instrument of functions and sensations with an excellent capacity to connect through worship – but it is not you. Today the body is confused with image. Our modern economy preys on this confusion and delegates the body to an empty physical mechanism that displays this needy image. It beckons us to purchase in order to ease our pain and insecurity – but, it is all a perfect setup. Obsession with image stimulates the economy, but not the human harmony. Quite the opposite – it fixates on competition and creates pain out of the ensuing battles.

The modern industrial economy has relegated the body to a position of burden, a pack animal that carries the brain, the stomach and the image through life. When the body is limited to this role, life and living have been replaced by the concepts of life and living – it all seems quite empty. This is what humanity has been developing over these decades with power marketing. It has been called progress, but it is in need of progressive transformation right now.

The body is a sacred gift, endowed to carry consciousness through a human experience. Simply stated, your body is a transceiver; you transmit a physical image out as light and it reflects off everything around you, returning as your environment. With this reflection delivered to your body’s senses, you can either fixate on how you feel (which is life’s concept), or, you can have an experience of the feeling and find the lesson within it – which is living. When the body focuses on image, concept becomes the controlling factor and image becomes the super high maintenance insecurity.

It is time to nourish a more conscious, fulfilling journey – the actual experience of the experience of life.

There is a pre-verbal mindset connecting beyond image and there is a post-verbal mindset correlating with image. Ultimately, both are important. You want to tune your body instrument to support both. Kundalini yoga and meditation enable the body to free the mind from its obsession with image and turn some of its attention toward gathering knowledge and wisdom. This gathering, oddly enough, even expands the value of the image; the yoga and meditation then enables the body-mind connection to focus on this combined value.

This becomes the base for your real experience. The mind finds rest in its pre-verbal silence and related beyond image. You make a friend of the mind rather than an enemy. This is peace of mind, a meditative mind. This is the new evolution of human consciousness. It is a glimpse of the future and with your discipline it can happen right now.