The Big Bang


So in this western world we have what is known as a New Year, which is an excuse to begin, to end and begin, which is an oddity because we live in a construct that has no beginning and no end. But there are cycles within a construct and those cycles have beginnings and endings. In order to comprehend what it is you face, you have to comprehend what it is you are. You have to comprehend where it is you are and then you can comprehend what it is you face and how you face it. Back in the beginning when there was actually no beginning, there was a whim. This whim occurred in the vast nothingness, something occurred within nothing. When something occurs within nothing and nothing has existed forever, no matter how small that something is, it's very large because it is the only thing that has ever occurred in a nonoccurence that has existed forever. That is what we refer to as the big bang.

The big bang is in and of itself a description of conflict. If there is a bang, it represents a conflict, it defines a conflict. It is a conflict. So at the core of existence, at the very source of existence is conflict. That is not only the existence of the physical material in which you dwell but it is the existence of the separation of your consciousness, which you are. You are your consciousness. You are your perception, your perspective. That is all you are. Your perception dwells in a body, which is your vessel and that is what allows you to be visible to the five senses, to be heard by the five senses, to be touched by the five senses. We have evolved the capacity, which is called life, which has allowed this vessel to reproduce itself.