The Bell Curve


Your family has an opinion and you inherited that opinion. It isn't real, it's an opinion. But you believe it to such an extent that you base your life upon it, you make all your decisions based on it. It isn't real. Don't ask for it to be explained. Why would you want something that isn't real to be explained to you? If it isn't real, is the explanation real? No it's just a more complex way of being fooled by the confusion of the fantasy. Does that sound delightful to you? Maybe so and if it is, go to the front desk right now and say,I need my money back. This wasn't my cup of tea.We are moving forward folks. Is a bell curve an event? No a bell curve is a measurement of a continuum. The reality is that the dislocation between our physical capacity and our psychic awareness is broadening, and our psychic awareness is being dictated by the universal mind.