The Balanced Experience


Guru Nanak and Lord Buddha both said that life is either a balanced experience or an imbalanced experience, but both take place on the stage of this world’s perfect balance. The blessing or the curse of the human experience is not with the world, but rather with the perception of the experience of the world – the world itself is actually perfectly aligned. Science tells us that stress, friction, pressure and tension are the universal bonding forced of this world – they exist everywhere, holding things together. Without them there would be no physical reality and it would simply disintegrate into a chaos of random particles.

When you suffer from one of these bonding forces, i.e. if you feel pressured, stressed, tense or friction, there is either an imbalance in your expression, your projection or your perception. You will experience these feelings whenever you are outside the balance point. Since they are always present, experiencing them indicates a misconception or misperception of their perfectly balanced presence.

In order to bring your experience back to their point of balance, you must perform the inner work where your perception begins. Inner work has no immediate measurable reward, it’s only through your projected actions that you are certain it will bear fruit.

Without instant gratification there is little emotional attraction to meditating, chanting or stretching into the body-glove with yoga. It takes effort to achieve the results but they are not instant. However, if you do these practices you’ll find that the perceived imbalances will re-balance. You will begin to experience the world within you and around you as if pressure, tension, stress and friction don’t even exist.

This is the material balance point. It creates Heaven on Earth, and within the new evolution it will become the common experience.