The “Aromas” of Your Destiny


There are avenues of aroma that the insects, high in the atmosphere, navigate to find the flowers, way down on the land . . . in order to cooperate, correlate, and coordinate their lives and serve each other’s needs. These avenues, and their fragrances, reach from the petals of the flowers, high and wide into the air. The insects, mostly bees and butterflies, are able to find these invisible maps and follow them distinctly . . . they’re fulfilled before they are fulfilled. It’s through an extra sense that’s beyond anything that humans believe they have. But there’s actually a similar avenue that humans use to navigate their destiny . . . consciously or unconsciously. The only difference is that you think of these encounters as happenchance when you’re unconscious, but they’re not. The people you meet; the places you go; the things you find -- they are all dictated and regulated by these maps and avenues of the “aromas” known as your destiny. Everyone has a destiny of talents to be discovered throughout the moments of life. Everyone has an exalted self -- the higher self -- and this part of you is fully aware of these maps and their avenues; cognizant of the attractions of these aromas; determined to build upon the cooperation, correlation, and coordination of the destiny. When you’re conscious of this, it allows you to be joyful in the midst of unfulfilled moments; to experience the sensation of being at home in the process before the outcome arrives; to adjust to the moments before all of this is fulfilled, and embrace the ‘what is’ until the process and the result coincide. You discover that there’s accuracy available every day; opportunity to give thanks within each moment . . . you enjoy the process, not just the outcome and reward. Our prayer is that you build your awareness to perceive these invisible avenues of the “aromas” of your destiny; that you experience the momentum of your moments and celebrate the connections before they’re connected; that you know of the flowers that are on your path long before they even appear, and in this way your ‘ninety-nine percent’ of process becomes as joyful as the ‘one percent’ of reaching the goal.