The Anatomy

You should know the anatomy, you should know what feelings come from what glands and organs and what feelings mix with what glands and what organs. What foods can cause a feeling to be felt. What postures, what attitudes will cause feelings to be nullified.
The reason you should be able to work with your feelings that way is because you should also be able to go into a state of dynamic silence. Dynamic silence says you should be able to walk into any situation and know that situation. When you know the situation then it's time for you to introduce something into that situation if you have an intention. You're just not there to be an inter tube on the ocean. You got a ruder, you got a keel, you got a sail.
Once you know what the circumstances are on the water of your life, put the keel, put the ruder, put the sail to work. What if you were sitting around a table around all these people and all these people you were going to gather to make an event. An event could be a number of things, a legal event, a media event, a sports event but you have all these people and you could sit at this table and in a state of dynamic silence, you could get, not in a linear fashion, but you could get a sense of that table. Once you got the sense of the table you would also get the sense of what the response of the table should be for the most benevolent outcome. Not only would you have a sense of what the best sensation should be for the most benevolent outcome but you should be able to introduce that in a way that it would have a growth curve so that people didn't feel jerked around or manipulated. Your intention sitting at that table would be to have the most benefit to the most people at that table and beyond that table. How incredible would that be? Would that be fulfilling? If you could do that consistently, would that be fulfilling? That is what we're talking about. That is the human capacity and if you have been told anything different than that, you have been lied to.
Not on purpose, I am sure. We are not trying to accuse anyone of being dishonest because everyone has gotten to, even if they have dishonesty, they have gotten to their dishonesty honestly. If you had followed the exact same steps that they had followed, you would be at the exact same place that they are because everything is the accumulation of honest steps even the ones the ones that are dishonest.
In other words, you trust a situation so much that you are able to be absolutely silent but not just silent in your brain but silent in your being and that is what dynamic silence is. In the analysis of those textbooks that are sitting at your door, in the analysis it says that you have to be so liquid that you are absorb the impression and yet so solid that you can hold it. So that rules out wishy washy doesn't it because water can absorb an impression but it isn't solid enough to hold it so you have to be able to absorb the impression of the environment in which you exist and then hold that impression long enough to be able to discover the appropriate response, the ability to respond, which is known as the responsibility.