the ambrosial hours


Just before the sunrise of every dawn, there's an opportunity to establish the nature of your day within the birth of the day. Known as the ambrosial hours, it's the time of communion with your prophets and guides who can see your way through your moments; of connecting with your ancestors and angels who can see your way through life's lessons; of joining forces with your own higher self who can see you as you. Used by wisdom-keepers throughout time, the ambrosial hours is a time of peace and calm in which yoga, meditation, prayer, chanting and all forms of joyfulness and contemplation can set the momentum of who you are within the moment of when you are. Our prayer is that you take advantage of this advantage as often as it's possible and eventually you'll be making the impossible -- possible; the possible -- actual, and the actual -- memorable . . . just by being present with you in the wisdom of you.