The Ability For Health


It appears as we get older we lose the ability for health. The way many people respond to this is they go: Oh this is really serious, instead of going: ah, how foolish. So in other words, we have deconstructed the health giving components and constructed the disease giving components in our constructed time. Great glass half full, glass half empty - how about a glass with one drop in it? What are you going to say, almost dry or good start. "That is a beginning. I can work with that." What if with anything that was presented to you, you said: I could work with that. It reminds me of the little child who had its entire room filled with six inches of horse manure. They come back an hour later to see how the little kid is complaining and they find the kid down on all fours digging through the stuff and saying, the pony has to be here someplace because this is fresh ! How do you respond when you're put in a room of horse manure? Yogi Bhajan used to say, if someone gives you manure, plant seeds in it but don't eat it. It's a generation gap that needs to take place and manure makes great food production. It doesn't make great food. Are you having a good time? I am having a great time. If you are having a bad time, do you have hope of a good time coming? If there is no sign of a good time coming, no sign whatsoever of a good time coming, can you just think the thought that it has to come because everything has a cycle.

Movement is only possible in a cyclical construct, a construct of cycles from being this to being that to being the other. But if it's infinite, it can't move because there is no place to move to. So we deconstruct the connectivity of infinity in order to produce the illusion of time, the illusion of movement and that is what we need to work with because time affects everything.