The 3 Brains


There’s neurology throughout your body. Areas of concentration are considered to be “brain” centers. The head, heart, and gut have all developed this, with the brain in the head most aggressively. Their full presence and collective balance are essential to the future evolution of life. The ways they communicate with each other and share perspectives of each moment expands human consciousness. The throat and voice area, connects the head to your heart. The diaphragm, and conscious breathing, connects the heart to your gut. But this can also disconnect and isolate . . . the effectiveness then operates in a vacuum . . . their collective advantages rendered mute.

Now is the moment on Earth that requires complete coordination and connection in order to take advantage of the current evolutionary opportunity . . . commonly known as crisis. From these opportunities of crisis, come the most accurate intuitive abilities to read the needs, and respond with the balanced solutions. The brain in the heart and chest respond to music . . . now is the time for more music and dancing, and promoting the sensations found within conscious movement. The brain in the gut responds to the collective results of conscious nutrition and celebratory connections . . . now is the time for more joyous gatherings around conscious food, and promoting the joys of nutrition. Crisis and disconnection are circumstances for which your gut brain and your heart brain are perfectly attuned, but the head brain is controlling -- its perspectives stop at the horizon -- it will define everything in flat, black and white terms.

Shift yourself -- see around all of these logical corners -- blend the logic and its polarity of magic -- start believing in the concepts for which there's currently no definitive proof . . . perceive beyond the logical horizons.

Our prayer is that you allow your heart to consider the beat of this moment; then permit your brain to consider what’s right or wrong. With this in place, use your gut to determine the connections that work, and how they can be expanded into a brighter future with the beat; the rhythm; the pulse; the syncopation, and the synchronization.

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