Teach by Example


In addition to your physical body, you have several other bodies that affect your physical life. These don't appear in the sensations of the three-dimensional world, they’re only sensed through higher consciousness. Meditations and other practices, developed over thousands of years, produce connections to these bodies. Guru Nanak, a great master and teacher, taught meditation, mantra, bani and yoga. His son, Baba Siri Chand, a master like his father, was able to pass through the tension, pressure, stress and friction of the physical world without experiencing it in the physical body. As a result, he lived for I56 years. This ultra-centenarian capacity is completely possible by setting intention; by redefining expectations of health and the habits of normalcy . . . and exponentially increasing the efforts of your practices. This is the grishtha ashram that Guru Nanak taught . . . a mastery of life included with the fulfillment of life . . . the ability of a common person to succeed in the world, while being enlightened with wisdom from beyond the world. This is your destiny and ability whenever you take the time to touch it. This is what you touch through your practice of meditations, mantras, banis and yoga. This is a pathway to the radiant-body, one of the highest frequencies attainable while still living in the physical world. The essence of this is what these masters referred to as Indra Nittri -- the eyes of Indra -- where every cell of your physical body becomes consciously aware of your subtle bodies and uses their power in life. This power comes directly from the Soul-body when the more obvious bodies are cleared and aligned through meditation, mantra, banis and yoga. As is the history of the great spiritual/religious practices -- eventually human nature replaces these deeper efforts with minimal efforts, and ultimately claims this to be everything.

Our prayer is that you realize your destiny is to reverse this trend; to revive the total teachings within all the great practices and make them real once again. And when you’re criticized for doing so, arm yourself with the knowledge to prevail . . . teach by example, live long and prosper.

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