Taking Care of the Village (Part II)


Gestation and birthing of the spirit-body is much like that of the physical body. In fact, you’re born into the physical body on Earth to continue the path of ultimately being born from the womb of this physical body into the spirit body. When you’ve completed your path through the dense physical stages of life, you’ll cease incarnating on the physical planets of this multiverse we call a universe and move on to higher stages in less dense realms. The stages of gestation and development of the spirit body, while in this physical “body-womb,” are much like their physical counterparts. When the ancient description of these five stages translates into practical modern English, they sound like this:

(1) Spirit-Embryo – the very earliest beginnings of the journey lasting thousands of lifetimes, no self-awareness.

(2) Spirit-Fetal – the embryo has blossomed into self-awareness, but is not yet born into the awareness of the oneness of all souls.

(3) Spirit-Thresh-Holder – birthing at the opening to the spirit-world of higher consciousness and aware of the oneness of all souls. This is a very early stage of spiritual life and there’s much confusion, trepidation and duality.

(4) Spirit-Path-Walker – developing the deeper understanding and compassion of the path of the soul and committed to walking on this path.

(5) Spirit-Star-Walker – the enlightened, awakened masters leading life through the cosmos as they pass from the physical plane.

Everyone on Earth is on this path at some level. This world is a one room schoolhouse, with every level being schooled and evolving together, each person learning at their appropriate rate. For this reason, as a leader, the most important quality to have in such an environment is non-judgment and total non-bias.

The ultimate goal of evolution is to be alive in the physical body while being fully born into the spirit-body simultaneously. As the great Sikh sage and master, Guru Nanak, said: “Be dead while yet alive.” In this state you aren’t dead physically, but you’re also not controlled by the needs and wants of the physical world. In fact, you’re more alive than life has ever been imagined. You’re highly disciplined and a shining example for others to follow.

This, bringing into spirit, was accomplished by all the Prophets, the Avatars, the Messiahs and the Masters throughout history. We have created many stories about these great ones and in these stories we have declared all they accomplished beyond our mortal capacity – which it is not. Their lives were an example of what we are all capable of achieving. It is the evolution of human consciousness and the goal of all life. Now is the time to take from their examples and continue this journey forward toward our common destiny.

We are all One.