Take the Leap


In the distance of spacetime -- far - far from the big bang, the big squeeze, or the big leap of faith -- if you see it that way -- there's an image of how it never ever began, because it really couldn't have. This is the quantum quality of omniscience, where the soul is more relevant than the body, and the body is extremely relevant. Religions have been inspired, over the ages, to make up stories of how this might all work. Using a casts of characters, and hierarchies much like here on Earth, they’ve promoted these stories that are quite irrelevant to the cosmos, for the cosmos is not about characters, or stories, and definitely not about hierarchies. However, these characters and their stories do provide a sense of safety for the children, but then the adults tend to use them for power and advantage where there is none. ‘Infinity/eternity’ is astronomical, and these stories are inaccurate, other than as inspiration. To make you feel safe, their characters try to make it all familiar and small by measuring that which is beyond measure. However, just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . . . safety is also. You can alter your sense of beautiful, you can also alter your sense of what’s safe, and when you feel safe, your entire system opens to what those religious prophets experienced . . . the ‘ocean’ that holds, supports and nourishes everything. Always present, whether you experience it or not, it’s known to the ancients as Narayan, the ocean of all the angles of solutions, with love, joy, bliss and peace. Every religion created their stories to depict this safety. In your own story, whenever you feel safe, and you feel this love, joy and peace -- if someone else is present, you'll “blame” them and say, “I love you”. But you’re not actually loving them, you’re experiencing the love that’s always there . . . everywhere. You’ve simply taken a leap of faith into safety. Our prayer is that you take these leaps often; that you experience infinity as the love, joy and peace that’s everywhere, and then “blame” it on as many people as you can. Spread the love that goes around and it will definitely come back around by saying “love you” . . . even to strangers.