Take Hold of Your Immortal Authority



Living life beyond the need to run and search and chase and defend your position is a matter of surrendering to a universal agreement. Such an agreement recognizes your Divine Right and the Divine Right of all life to be. Every living existence has a right to this Right.

Chasing after, hiding under, or arguing over, all arise from doubting the existence of such an agreement, such a right. It is ultimately a self-doubt . . . an anger that is being used to force others into verifying and approving your right to have this Right. The odd thing is these are the very rights that are already yours.

It appears that there is a fundamental that is misplaced, a self-value missing here . . . a foundation that does not believe in itself. Due to this missing component, a series of lessons will automatically be presented in life in order for you to ultimately live beyond the need for this approval. These lessons will be as painful or painless as your impulse to surrender into them or resist out of them. That is to say these lessons are themselves a guarantee; the outcome will be determined by your surrendering or your resistance . . . your preservation, or your commitment.

The pathway to mastering these relentless lessons is a pathway of true and unconditional relating . . . and again it is a painful or painless process. This surrender projects life way out beyond the confines of identity insecurities; the ones that are ignited in the battles of self-preservation. When such a selfless commitment is permitted, one recognizes all of one’s own connections to the immortal roots of life. Desires hiding behind the massive loads of self-defense slip away completely.

The old mortal image becomes exceedingly clear and even silly to you; it’s just like a fearful child behind a mother's dress . . . refusing to emerge into the surrounding joy. In the new image you can take a full deep breath of that joy that is always present within every moment.

Go ahead, step into your new image and accept your ‘immortal authority’.