Take a Breath


Time is like breath . . . always available to inhale from the vast reserves of forever in any direction. You’ve lived in this forever many times before, and are familiar with its vastness.  The future, and its perception, are not the future from all moments -- from some moments this future is your past, or an entirely different now . . . it all depends on the reference point. The absolute reference point (ARP) is a key . . . in the languages of masters this was to "realize origins" . . . the beginning without beginnings . . . the precursor to the word 'religion'. The future on a planetary star system -- far nearer to the event horizon of this Universe, another Universe, or a different Megaverse -- could be millions, or billions of Earth years more advanced. Imagine, your place in time is dependent on where the rays of this light light have focused you. Nearer to the event horizon is further from the Central Sun, and far more advanced by astronomical magnitudes. In Universes, far larger than this one, or other Megaverses beyond this one, the event horizon could be futures beyond imagination. To access such future wisdom, you'd need to eliminate all of your fixations on the three dimensions of Earth’s space; the fourth dimension of sequential time, and the two dimensional rules of Newton’s third law of motion. The Universe is evolving beyond these rules, and when a civilization remains fixated in dimensions that time is passing by, then that civilization becomes uncivilized. Clearly evident on Earth right now, it’s comforting to know this chaos is evolution at work. Soon it will break the limitations, like water breaking the limits of its surface tension . . . the ones that keep it from unravelling into clear dust. To accomplish this maneuver, one must break the rules of memory and enter the state of future memory . . . the realm of constant ‘Deja-vu’ . . . of perfectly accurate intuition. Our prayer is that you begin to remember the future; that you realize the sequences of time are unfolding in no particular order; that there isn’t just a logical, linear direction of time in this Megaverse . . . there’s also a magical one . . . give it a try . . . take a breath.