Take a Breath


All relationships have incredibly powerful meaning and opportunity -- especially when you stop looking at them through the eyes of "normal." The eyes of "normal" are the eyes that have evolved from your survival-brain over millions of years; they look at the landscape of life to pick out the differences. Within these differences -- that are always there -- the eyes of “normal” search for the dangers. When they discover danger -- and they always will because danger lurks in the background of “everywhere” (it’s the nature of nature) . . . this discovery leads to conflict, or at the very least, it identifies all the conflicted interests. These conflicted interests become the basis for further discomfort, disinterest, disagreement, disappointment, discouragement, disengagement and all the other common “disses” . . . and the conflict escalates. As mentioned before, when you search for danger you'll always find it; this is the prescription of your survival perception. Masterful human strategies stem from the heart’s ability to capture the essence beyond the danger of a moment. But when there’s not a problem, and the heart’s not employed, the brain will make a problem up . . . it cannot tolerate being left out. Human relations will prosper far more by allowing the brain’s discovery to engage without a danger signal . . . this is intuition . . . a great system that uses the discovery tool of the brain without the normal reaction that follows. This requires a slower, broader brain-frame rate; a wider opening in the aperture of the brain-mind correlation . . . and most importantly -- a brain-heart partnership . . . all the product of deep conscious breathing . . . not "normal." Our prayer is that you allow yourself to receive the most from every moment . . . then don’t act or react until you’re balanced by the compassionate heart. Remember, a narrow mind is a tool of focus, but it’s not a good friend, and definitely not a relationship guide. Remember also that you are not normal . . . stop trying to be . . . take a breath.