Synchronize with the Total


Pratyahar is the state of conscious awareness that synchronizes your smallest parts with the total . . . connecting your finite being with the Infinite. The emotional sensation of this connection is known as joy. The common “noise” of all the social and cultural indoctrination is what influences the human psyche to lose touch with this total connection . . . a connection that’s actually available anywhere and at any time. When you breathe consciously, you connect with your heart; it’s within this connection to the heart that you learn pratyahar -- your connection to the infinite that’s always available. Once you make this connection, it teaches you the ways of the heart . . . the most connected and synchronized organ in your entire body. The heart is the first organ to be created in the early embryo stage of life, and it’s the last organ to stop functioning at the end of life. The heart reaches every one of the thirty to seventy trillion cells in your body in every moment; it pumps your blood through the 60,000 miles of capillaries in a constant flow of exerting to give, and relaxing in order to receive back. With each one of these exertions -- each heartbeat -- the heart delivers your overall “attitude” to the two million brand new blood cells that are being produced with each beat. This blood is known to the masters of pratyahar as the liquid of your joy. Our prayer is that you consciously practice deep breathing for a few minutes every day; connect to your trillions of cells and this production of millions of blood cells . . . include yourself in your ‘self’. Do this by realizing -- no matter what else is going on in any moment -- your breathing is the most important thing going on in the moment. Create a life that synchronizes with the total; locate yourself in the midst of the breath, in the midst of the liquid joy . . . in the pratyahar. Join your beats and always smell the roses.