Synchronicity is not a miracle, nor an anomaly -- synchronicity runs parallel to chaos and overwhelm. Chaos and overwhelm are angles of perception -- distortions of the subatomic structure that’s everywhere always. Synchronicity is continuously present . . . it’s contained within the sense of presence. Humanity has left this sensation and awareness of presence behind for the past several hundred years. Ever since science and industry claimed they could control nature, the sense of a material world having powers beyond what can be measured has been passionately discounted. But synchronicity is actually at the base of what’s being measured . . . it’s the constant reliance on measuring that limits this awareness . . . synchronicity cannot be measured, and when you try to measure it . . . it disappears. Current life is being acted out on the “screen of this disappearance” . . . far from the realm of what is . . . it simply isn’t. When life is synchronistic, you experience what is . . . things fall into place . . . the constant coincidences cause confidence . . . the confidence then allows you to experience gratitude as your normal state. In drifting away from this awareness, the normal state has become fearful not grateful -- there’s strong longing for preference, but very little attempt at being present . . . it’s considered too emotionally raw. When you’re not present, and you’re longing for preference -- you dwell in neither -- you live in the difference. This difference is a very painful place . . . home to the post-industrial human majority. This glitch in the current human psyche -- a trap outside of time -- tries to define and measure the time that isn't. You can overcome this overwhelming sense by breathing into a belief in  synchronicity . . . breathing and believing that synchronicity is the more natural state. Our prayer is that you develop gratitude for what’s taking place in your life; know that synchronicity is right there on a parallel track; take on the weight of that which you perceive . . . embrace the sensations of your breathing and the weight will pass right through you, revealing synchronicity as normal.