Survival Of The Fit


The year 2010, the year of three, is the year of finding the advantage in the disadvantage. Finding the angle of advantage in the disadvantage. It's the year of grisht ashram, which means practical enlightenment. Enligh tenment that allows you to live on earth in the twenty-first century fully functioning as a masterful self-realized liberated being. As population grows, as technology grows, as awareness grows we are moving away from the evolutionary cycle of the fittest to the survival of the fit. That doesn't mean in shape. That means those that are willing to find the fit rather than throwing a fit because we are becoming so numerous and technology is becoming so powerful that if we continue down the path of paranoia, which is the path of the fittest path, I think the ultimate war in the path of paranoia is the war on terror because it hides under the bed and in the shadows, it's the boogie man. So human consciousness has evolved to the state that it's survival of the fittest to be continuously using the stimulation of danger to cause evolution to take place.

All of evolution has taken place based on overcoming danger up until now. It could have been danger of starvation, it could have been danger of annihilation, it could have been danger of discretion and if there isn't one we will make one up. That has caused us to be constantly stimulated and now we are over stimulated. Now we are way overstimulated. Survival of the fit means that we are going to have to stop searching for the misfit. When you calibrate your senses to find something, you will find something. You calibrate your senses by creating a habitual thought pattern. In other words, if you think someone is a jerk, habitually you think someone is a jerk, they will not be able to prove otherwise. Your receptive only to the components of their activity that are a jerk.