Surrendered Neutrality


Recent calculations of space-time, at the quantum level -- indicate a “foamy” structure that mixes space and time as tiny bubbles. These bubbles are quadrillions of times smaller than the nucleus of an atom . . . the building blocks of matter and moment. As they continuously fluctuate -- always forming and popping -- lasting only infinitesimal micro-fractions of a second, they build every event taking place in four dimensional spacetime. Think about it, this is where there are no set forms to the unfolding of any moment; no set moments in which the unfolding is ever forming . . . nothing is stable at this level and therefore this level -- if you were to access it -- is creatively endless. Time is not stable; space is not stable; even mathematics is not stable, or exact, at this level. Here, dark invisible energy and dark invisible matter -- 95% of the universe -- act exactly like freeze dried food, where you just add water. With dark energy and dark matter -- pure potential and possibility . . . you just add light. This is where science, spirituality and philosophy intersect; the grand-junction of logic and magic . . . the realm of true alchemy. To access this realm would literally be the equivalence-point of hacking creation. Years ago when I asked Yogi Bhajan why it was so difficult to access, he laughed and answered . . . "GOD doesn't want jerks in heaven." The reality of his answer is found in the levels of benevolent clearance one must pass through to access this realm. For centuries, practitioners with agendas and intent, have tried to find the code . . . but there is no code . . . just pure surrendered neutrality . . . no jerks . . . no agendas. Partial access is available with the accumulation of your benevolent character via a daily practice that maintains itself as a resigned constant . . . a matter of fact. There is no more direct route, for direct routes always have agendas. Our prayer is for your surrendered neutrality; for you to access this moment of creation in the space of no time; then, without agenda simply allow the ease, joy, knowing and liberation that has always been present everywhere within everything . . . to simply be in each moment.