surrender to you


What you see when you look through your eyes is a combination of what you see and how you see. Your observation of another person, for example, through your eyes alone doesn’t see who they are -- you slightly see who they are, but it's highly distorted by who you wish they were. The only way in which you can actually observe someone or something else, is to look through your eyes . . . then look through their eyes. And the only way you can ever look through someone else's eyes, is to surrender your eyes. Now that’s a scary proposition because your eyes are constantly telling you who you think you are, so when you surrender your eyes to see through someone elses, you no longer feel like you know who you are. There's an up side to this however, for when you no longer know who you are via your senses, that's when you're able to truly KNOW who you are without any sensory reasons. It's called 'unreasonable knowing' . . . you are in fact everything. This is your inner guidance. This vast unreasonable capacity was known to the ancients as the 'infinite stranger', also your 'immortal authority'. It displays the most exalted version of your self -- usually unknown to you until you die . . . that's a huge surrender. However, there's a way to surrender to this most perfect version of you while yet alive. It comes to life within a daily consistent practice of deeply knowing plus surrendering your version of the vision . . . seeing the world through the perspectives of others. Our prayer is that you produce a high value awareness as your foundation; then surrender your point of view, your version of the vision; incorporate other angles . . . the perspectives of others. Relate to life through this expanded perception and become your immortal authority . . . become your more infinite self . . . don't be a stranger, you've always been there . . . surrender to you.