Subtle is an essential key to consciousness


It is said that one of the largest changes in the human psyche took place when we began  to domesticate animals for food. When anything nurtures and then kills it, there has to be a phenomenal disconnect between your ability to nurture and your ability to destroy. Every time you eat blood, that registers. What is said is that it creates such a simplicity that you lose contact with subtle. The only value human beings have is consciousness. Subtle is an essential key to it.

You have these cartoon concepts of life and of death as being two ends of a single unit, simple and false. If you look into the anatomy that we are dealing with, if you drill into the anatomy we are dealing with, it is quite exquisite, elegant and self organizing. It is beyond our wildest capacity to define, to describe even a few of its details. RNA and DNA, amino acid strings joining together to create protein strings, enzymes as bonding agents, electromagnetic fields as transmitting mechanisms. Salt crystals, sugar crystals, phosphates, glycosyl groups refracting, reflecting, magnifying light – and I mentioned a trillionth at best of what is actually taking place.

The onyl conflicts that have ever been carried out on this earth are conflicts between the desire for ignorance and the innate expansion of consciousness. The more consciousness expands, the less ignorance you can get away with.