Stress, pressure, tension & friction


Now in school you're taught how to solve for complex problems and equations, write, and speak a foreign language etc., but the most fundamental component of a healthy life is how to deal with stress, pressure, tension and friction. So why wouldn't we teach our children how to deal with these things? And the fact that you're not able to deal with them properly right now as adults is another layer of complexity. For example, why does one go into a church or a synagogue or a mosque and declare their unending love for someone - when only a few years later they go into the courthouse and declare their irreconcilable differences? What changed between point A and point B? There are many details involved when answering this question. Overall what changed was the accumulation of emotional garbage due to challenges handling the stress, pressure, tension and friction. In the midst of this painful experience, partners begin to blame each other because they were the ones standing closest to them during the storm (stress, pressure, tension and friction).